Saturday, 30 January 2010

Use one minute to stick false eyelashes

No wonder false eyelashes are inevitable to any make-up styles. Regardless how long and how much volume your natural eyelashes are, false eyelashes are still needed to make your eyes look bigger and brighter. You will definitely be obsessed with false eyelashes after you learn how to wear false eyelashes in one minute. You can wear false eyelashes of different styles in any occasions, no matter it’s a dinner with friends, parties, or just shopping on your own. You must admit it’ll be a waste of time and very annoying when you do not know the trick. So we are going to show you how to get it done in just one minute. It’s really easy and you should learn really fast. 

1. Cut the false eyelashes to the length same as your eyes

2. Apply some glue on the eyelash. (better with black glue to match your eyeliner’s colour)

3. This is the crucial part. You need to set the mirror with 50° angle of inclination, so that you can see your whole natural lashes from the bottom.

4. Use your both hands to hold the ends of the eyelash, and stick the eyelash along your own real lash and hold for a second. P.S. There should not be any gap between the real and false eyelashes, and eyeline must be drawn beforehand to make it look natural.

5. Look! So easy, right?

If you have no idea which false eyelashes to use, I’d recommend the eyelashes with strong and black edge that can result in a thick eye line effect. If you want it natural, you may choose half-lashes similar to our falsh eyelashes below. The lashes are long and fine crossing one another to add more volume to your eyes, but not too much. Its length at the end is longer to soften the shape of your eyes.

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