Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Choose a Professional Acrylic Nail Art Sculpting Brush

Sculpting acrylic has not been an easy task for users at any level of sophistication without a good acrylic brush.

For this reason, Fräulein3°8 has launched high quality acrylic nai lart brushes for sculpting. The brush hair are 100% made from the finest sable hair. The brush hair is strong enough to push and shape the acrylic but remain flexible and soft to give a delicate touch, which enable you to do detail nail art precisely.

Besides, the wooden handle of the brush has slippery-proof grip with contour for your hand. In addition to the short handle, the brush totally allows you to do nail art in all direction, making the whole sculpting so handy and efficient. This gives you maximum control over the brush!


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