Saturday, 20 March 2010

Introduction to Nail Art Brush (Part 2)

Few weeks ago, we introduced the use of nail art brushes in different shapes for painting. These brushes are mainly used for 2D nail art, i.e. they can be used with both UV Gel and acrylic paint to make flat painting. If you want to do more fascinating nails with 3-D nail art, 3D nail art brushes we are going to introduce this week is definitely a MUST HAVE tool for 3D sculpture!

(left: 3D on the nail ; right: 3D in the nail )
There are 2 main ways to do 3Ds, i.e. directly on the nail or on an aluminium foil. If directly made on the nail, the 3D is always thin in size and buried under a layer of crystal clear UV gel or acrylic. Bigger 3Ds are always stuck on the nail surface instead. They should be done on an aluminium foil first in order not to ruin the nail.

Unlike brushes for flat painting, all nail art brushes for 3D sculpture have the same shape, i.e. a round body with sharp end. The fattest part of the brush tip will absorb and save the most liquid when soaked in acrylic liquid, while the sharp end of the brush tip minimizes the acrylic liquid, so that it can create a small ball when dipping into the acrylic powder. You may then use the brushes in different sizes to make different details of the 3Ds.

Now let us show how to make an acrylic candy with a few simple steps:

1. Soak the brush with acrylic liquid, then dip into light pink acrylic powder to make a small ball.

2. Put the “ball” onto a piece of aluminium foil. Repeat the same step with white acrylic powder to cover and enlarge the light pink ball in step 1.

3. Use another brush to mix acrylic liquid with rosy pink acrylic. Put the mixture at both sides of the light pink ball. Use a smaller brush to sculpture the mixture into triangle shape and the smallest brush to create details on top.

4. Finish this cute 3D candy by making a few more small dots on the surface with rosy pink acrylic paint As you can see, it’s easy to design your own fabulous nail art 3Ds.

There are far more 3D designs with colourful acrylic powder! If you want to learn more about the use of acrylic, you may refer to our nail art book to get more inspiration!

Recommended products for making 3Ds:

6 Acrylic False Nail Art UV Gel Wooden Sable Brush Set

12 Color Nail Art Acrylic dust Powder kit 4 nail Tips

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Beauty Video Contest of February and Winner of "Look for 38" Game announced!

Dear Girls,

We would like to announce the winner of both Beauty Video Contest in February and also the winner of "Look for 38" game on the Women's Day.

Beauty Video Contest Winner

We were having a hard time in deciding the best candidate who took videos for the beauty video contest. Most of you have done really great videos and we are much appreciated. However, after our deliberation, we have finally come to a decision that Ms Claudia Carturan is the winner of Beauty Video Contest in February. Her videos has touched on both usage of our website as well as our products. We were also impressed by her helpful manner when answering visitors questions.

Congratualations! Ms Carturan! You are awarded with 100 EUR coupon of Fräulein3°8. You will receive an email from us about the reward soon.

Winner of "Look for 38" game on the Women's Day

We were glad to see that most of our members were very enthusiastic to submit the offers related to "38" they found. It was interesting to see the ideas you have about "38".

Among all members, Ms Nadia Sirsi has found the most offers on our website. That means she is the winner of the Game!

Congratualations, Ms Nadia Sirsi ! You will be awarded with 38 EUR coupon. We will contact you by email to claim the coupon.

Our new activities with more special offers will come up soon. Please stay tuned!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

White Valentine’s Day

14th March is know as the White Valentine’s Day, but is not popular in Europe, because it is common in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan only. In these countries, females give their home-made chocolate to the males on the Valentine’s Day to express their special love for them. On the contrary, males give gifts to the girls on the White Valentine’s Day in return to “answer” the girl’s affection.

The Valentine’s Day has already gone, and we also presented our love towards our members by making special offers. We are now looking forward to the White Valentine’s Day, and hope we may have something in return.
We have opened a topic in discussion board on Facebook. No matter a video or a story, we would like our members to share your Valentine’s Day with us. We are happy to see your pictures too, if you may post them on our Blog or Facebook :)

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Promotion de Grande Vente de La Journée de La Femme

Lass für den Frauentag Feiern!

Let's Celebrate the Women's Day!

The Women's Day is a very important day to Fräulein3°8, because it was inspired by the rise of women's right and their pursuit for happiness. Similarly, Fräulein3°8 symbolizes women's pursuit for their own beauty. On the Women's Day, we are going to celebrate such an important day with all our members. For details, please read the promotion ad below: