Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Introduction to Nail Art Brush (I)

We have received some emails from members asking about the difference and use of each nail art brush. In fact, nail art brush is similar to the brushes for painting, but they are used for drawing on the nails. Since our nails are smaller and round in shape, nail art brushes are usually smaller and have different shapes designed for drawing different graphics in different areas. Nail art brush not only can be used for drawing with nail paint, but also for making 3D nail art, acrylic and gel nails. In other words, nail art brush is an indispensable tool for nail art lovers.

We are going to use “12x Nail Art Design Pen Painting Brush Dotting Tool Set” as an example to briefly explain how to identify the use of each brush for painting.

From left to right:

§ Fan: Brings thin line together or for sputtering, seldom used in nail art.
§ Square: For basic technique of painting regular shapes and refine task
§ Angular: It can draw beautiful sector shape, best for drawing rose petal and bud

§ angular fine: Same as angular, but mainly used to draw smaller patterns
§ 3D Design Oval: It is thicker and has more hair, easy for suppression & drawing of mixture. Usually used for making acrylic 3Ds, but can also be used to draw smile line when painting
§ Flat: Use for drawing thick line or thick swirls

§ extra fine angular: Same as angular, but mainly used to draw extra small patterns
§ fine liner: used to draw short and fine straight line
§ extra short round: can be used to draw small-sized patterns in various design

§ Standard round: easy to handle. Can be used to draw any designs, no matter straight, twisted or swirl lines.

§ Spot Swirl: Only the tip is used for drawing polka dots in different sizes.

§ extra long fine liner: It’s long enough to draw an extra long fine liner at one time without interruption, easy for making marble pattern, heart mark, etc

So much for paint your nails with nail art brush. Next time we will use another brush set to teach you how to draw 3Ds, so please come again!

Monday, 22 February 2010

Do your own Make Up: Colorful Spring

When talking about Spring, people think of fresh and colorful flowers. Here we are going to show you how to make your eyes blossom like flowers.

The eye make up consist 3 colors. Since this is a daytime make-up, we use pink, green and yellow, which are soft and effortlessly harmonize. You may change the color combination, like blue, red and orange for night make-up or any colors you want to try. The focus of this make up is on the eyes, so nude or soft pink colors should be used for the lips and cheeks in order not to override. Remember, never blindly follow any make-up demonstration, you should choose the colors that match your skin tone perfectly.

Step by Step How-tos:

Products used:

1. Apply pearl white cream eye shadow to the eyes as base shade. The process of the powder adhering to the cream will create a smudge resistant base for your eye shadow. It will last forever.

2. Apply a medium shade of mint green on the lower lid. Blend into your base shade.
3. Apply another medium shade of yellow on the upper lid, along the lash line and at the outer corner of the eye.

4. Draw a fine upper eye liner with black gel liner.
5. Then draw a fine lower eye liner with pink cream eye shadow.

6. Apply a little orange at the inner corner of your eyes to make them luminous. You may then finish the eye make-up with black mascara.
7. Sweep soft pink blush downward from the ear to mid-cheek

8. Finally, apply lip-gloss in nude or pale pink color.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Let's recommend Fräulein3°8 to your friends!

After we launch the one EUR special offer for the Valentine's Day, we found that our members really love our products. We are really pleased, and decided to make special offers regularly to reward our members for their support.

If anyone who also wants to share this with your good friends, don't let them miss the chance. Go ask them to join our facebook and twitter! We will announce all our new promotions via newsletter and facebook ONLY!

Friday, 5 February 2010

Beauty Video Contest - Winner of the Month (January 2010)

Hi Girls,

After reviewing all videos we got this month, we are glad to announce Ms Miriam Ricciuti as the winner of our Beauty Video Contest Jan 2010.

We observed that she has already made a few videos and tried to review different products of Fräulein3°8. Her reviews are informative and objective. That would be very useful for other members as reference.

Congratualations, Ms Miriam Ricciuti! You will be rewarded with 100 EUR gift coupon from Fräulein3°8. ;)

Three Must-Have Nail Colours in Spring 2010

1. Natural Beauty
The beauty industry is echoing the “Back to the Nature” theme this year. From nude makeup to French nails, people begin to pursue natural beauty and opt for the nudes. It gives a clean natural look to the nails. Nude colours will still be a hit this year, as you can see most models are wearing the nudes in solid foundation in the 2010 Spring fashion shows.

2. Metallic Rocks
If you are tired of the pinky rosy feminine colours, you may try out the sand-like metallic nail colours. You can expect to see many more metallic colours emerge other than silver and gold this year. Hot stars such as Lady Gaga and Taylor Momsen are also a big fan of it, but don’t forget to change your outfit to rock it!

3. Shining in the dark
It’s become a new trend since the last fall, that people love to wear nails to party. And yes, it does capture people’s eyes when your fingers shine in the dark. Who don’t want to be the queen in the party?

Monday, 1 February 2010

Especial para Día de los Enamorados

A partir del 1º hasta el 14 de febrero, pondremos a la venta de forma aleatoria 5 productos por SOLO 1 euro!
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Sondersangebot für den Valentinstag!

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Saint Valentin Spécial

Du 1er au 14 février, nous allons sélectionner aléatoirement 5 objets à mettre en vente uniquement au prix de 1 euro !

Les produits peuvent consister à des articles manucure/pédicure, à des palettes et des pinceaux de maquillage.

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Valentine's Day's Special

Starting from 1st Feb to 14th Feb, we will randomly choose 5 products to be sold at 1 Euro ONLY!
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