Monday, 26 April 2010

Fräulein3°8's Travel-Around (1st Shot: Japan)

Time really flies. Fräulein3°8 is already 1 year old, and it is time for us to expand the market to other countries as well. We have sent a team of 4 beauty specialists to different countries which lead the fashion and beauty trends in Asian/European regions.

Our First Stop: Tokyo, Japan
Renowned as the pioneer in the beauty/fashion industry, Tokyo in Japan is definitely not a place to miss. The first impression that it gave us is that the japanese are very polite and friendly. However, things there are pretty expensive that made us want to let them know how great yet reasonably priced our products are :P. All and all, our whole trip was enjoyable and we learned a lot.


Shibuya is the place where most young girls love going shopping. Girls there all do make up and hair like a barbie doll, i.e. blond hair with a headband with a ribbon bow, very long eyelashes and pinky face. They all look very lovely.

In spite of their similar make up and hair styles, they know well how to dress in their own way. The strongest part that we perceive the way they do the nails to match their dresses. If they are on a facebook page, we'll definitely give then "like" 10 times!

Girls in Shibuya are very friendly. They are very happy when we asked them to let us take a picture of them. Well, who don't want to share their beauty, which they spend so much effort on?


Located just next to Shibuya, yet the girls there look quite different. The culture in Harajuku has 2 extremes, because there are girls who like 'cosplay'(costume play) at weekends. These girls wear heavy make up and do nails with exaggerating 3Ds. Their look may not be well accepted by the majority, yet we really appreciate how professional they do it all DIY!

'Cosplay' girls can be found everywhere in
Harajuku during weekends. It's a good opportunity to discover another culture of Japan.


Clustered with many shopping malls like PARCO, SUNSHINE CITY, TOKYO HANDS, etc. It is so convenient for anyone to shop any kinds of products there. You can buy nail art books at bookstore, make up products at drugstore and nail art products at living store. Some of them are even opened 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can imagine that our products will be there in the near future. :P

Girls in Ikebujuro seem to like painting on nails rather than many 3Ds. One possible reason is that most of them are white collar, so they cannot have exaggerating nails.

Actually, it's way too many things to look and discover in Japan. What we observed is that japanese girls have their own attitude towards beauty that really fit the motto of Fräulein3°8. We hope this attitude will spread to other places as well. By the ways, our next stop is Hong Kong. How'll that be? Stay tuned! See you!

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Iceland Volcano ash causes fresh air travel chaos

A volcanic eruption started under Eyjafjallajokull glacier in the southern part of Iceland on 14th April. Most airlines have announced the closure of airspace in north Europe (see the green crosses in the map below) since yesterday morning, which is where the ashes have been blown, because the ashes are affecting the transportation of mail by air.

This is impacting most of our international orders to which travels by air at night and international mail entering, via or exiting Germany/United Kingdom airports. Our shipping partners have implemented plans to despatch mail to most European destinations by road. As a result of this, members should be aware of potential delays in the delivery of mail.

Members can check the Royal Mail/DHL website for further updates:

At this stage, we are sorry to admit that there is not much to do except suggesting you using registered mail to allow yourself to keep tracing the location of the orders. :( However, we will keep open communication with our members and keep everyone posted, when more information becomes available.

If you are concerned about your orders' status, please feel free to cntact us by email:

or leave your message in our discussion board:

Friday, 9 April 2010

It's time to show off!

If you think yourself a professional or skillful make up/ nail art designer, you should definitely join our Make Up And Nail Art Design Competition. You will be rewarded a cash coupon to purchase our products! Details will be announced next week! Stay tuned!

Friday, 2 April 2010

How to rescue your broken eyeshadows

Most of our members would prefer eyeshadow palette to cream eyeshadows , because it has more colours and hence more convenient and economic. However, eyeshadows in palette are always in powder form. That makes the eyeshadows more fragile and easily broken. If you do not take good care of it, it may be crumbled by a crush or dropping. It would be a waste if you just throw the eyeshadow into the rubbish bin when it's crumbled.

In fact, if you are not dropping it from a building or throwing it like a ball, your eyeshadow is still rescueable. Here we made a video to show how to fix it.

Let's take a close up to the eyeshadow when it's crumbled and after it's fixed:

As you can see, Alcohol is the key. Since alcohol will evaporate, it will not affect the quality of the eyeshadow and hence your skin. The colour will still be the same. Isn't that easy?