Friday, 31 December 2010

2010 Review of Fräulein3°8

2010 was an inspiring year for Fräulein3°8. The number of both members of our website and fans on facebook page have both increased in a healthy percentage. Thanks to the support of our loyal fans, we gathered many constructive comments and ideas from them, and that really helped us grow!

We also put a lot of effort to provide better products and service to our members, with more than 50 new products introduced to both nail art and make up lines over the whole year! We are happy that our members appreciated our effort put on product development, and we look forward to more coming in 2011!

Most Authentic Classic Products Over the Year:

Most Popular New Products Over the Year:

2010 flew by in an instant. We reviewed ourselves and deeply understood there's still much yet to be achieved, and our members are expecting us to improve further. Therefore, we will not stop here. We will move on and keep offering the best for you, our dearest fans. Thank you for your support.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Fräulein3°8 Foundation and Primer Now On Pre-Sales!

Foundation and Primer Now On Pre-Sales on !

We answer to requests from our beloved fans and makeup artists, and have created 2 skin colours of liquid foundation and primer!

Our foundations fulfill all your wish for perfect Teint: Natural Complexion that lasts.

Our Primer is full of silicone and has a shimmering effect, which calms and soothes the skin, blots away excess oil, and evens out skin redness. You should definitely find it perfect for a smooth and silky application of both foundation and powder like eyeshadow and blush.

Let's click here to find out more new arrivals:

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Be a pretty Ghost on Halloween!

Do you want to be a creepy or pretty ghost? You can do it in both ways with just a few simple steps!

Do you hair: What can be easier to obtain a wig from costume shop? However, do remember to buy a black one. That can make your pale face stand out.

Whiten your face: unfortunately, we do not offer any base make up that is white enough for halloween. However, you can still get it from costume shop.
However, if you want to be pretty, you may choose the foundation in the lightest tone. Then apply white face powder at the end to hold the make up.

Make bruises on your face: Make use of black, grey or dark brown eyeshadow to create bruises around your face. To make them look natural and real,
use fingertips instead of make up brush to tap the colour on your face.

Then comes to the key of the whole make up: the eyes. First, you should outline sharp and black eyebrows. Then use black pencil eyeliner to draw thick and stiff upper and under eyeline.
Afterwards, dark eyeshadows should be applied around the eyeliners and blend well to obtain a beautiful smokey eyes. Then wear a pair of creepy contact lens. Any creepy colours like bloody red, white or wholly black will do.

Finally, don't forget to use false nails! Better choose long and sharp false nails. You may apply nail colour that matches your make up style, i.e. either red or black.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

What do we offer to celebrate our 1st Anniversary?

We learn that most of our fans want to know more details about our offers in the 1st Anniversary Promotion. Let us take this chance to give some tips here. Hope it help you take the most of the promotions

Special Offer 1: Sales Discount up to 50% OFF!

Through the following link, you will be able to find all products sold at 50% off :

Besides, you may also enjoy BUY 1 GET 1 FREE offer with the selected products!!/pages/Fraulein38/177904546582

Special Offer 2: Welcome Gift to New Members and Referrers

If you are our facebook fans but not yet our website's member, you should register and place order on our website now, because we are offering welcome gift to ALL NEW MEMBERS WHO SIGN UP AND PLACE HER FIRST ORDER ON WWW.FRAULEIN38.COM IN SEPTEBER 2010!

Referrers will also be rewarded with a free gift. The new member must fill in a referral form with the information of the referrer. The form can be requested via and all the free gift will be delivered to the new member together with her first order.

Special Offer 3: Lucky Draw for Facebook Fans

If you are our website's member but not yet our facebook fans, you should join our facebook page! Because we have lucky draw from 5st September to 30th September 2010. 1 of our facebook fans will be chosen EVERY FRIDAY and she will win our premium gift set with our newest make up case which cost MORE THAN 100 EUR!!

All prizes unclaimed for more than 3 days will be given to the second lucky winner. Therefore, you should keep an eye on our facebook's wall post and don't let your prize slip into the hands of others!!

So, are you ready to enjoy all 3 priviledges we prepare for you?

Still have questions? drop us an email at . Don't think, act now! Time runs!

Saturday, 31 July 2010


DIY Nail Art Tutorial: Rainbow nail design using Acrylic and Glitters

DIY Nail Art Tutorial: A Gem-like nail design using Colour UV Gels and False Nail

Monday, 26 July 2010

Be a Summer Sweetheart: Lollipop Colours Eyeshadow Palette

What else could brighten up the air better than a sweet and cheerful palette?

Inspired by the floral prints and stripe lines that every girl wears in the summer, Fräulein3°8 presents this season, the new eyeshadow palettes with eye-catching colours, like sharp orange, green, yellow and red that will surely tempt those girls looking for a vacation-look or, more likely, a sexy sweetheart on a party night in town.

New Arrival! 88 Colours Golden Sun Kiss Eyeshadow Palette

What other colours can be the perfect match for the summer better than Gold?

This 88 colours golden eyeshadow palette contains different colours mixed with golden glitter, which allow you to create different sunkiss looks during the hot summer!
Let's get shine!

Monday, 12 July 2010


Comincia Adesso!! Coppa modiale!! Le multi-colori bandiere nazionali di Stati differenti stanno sventolando nell’aria. Loro colori sono anche scoperti sui muri, nell’aria, nei bar, non solo in Sud Africa, ma ogni angolo! Ognuno spera di vedere le loro bandiere nazionali nella campione. C’è qualcuno che non grida per il proprio paese? Non vuole fare più per il tuo paese? Ecco l’occasione!
Competiamo per il tuo paese a vincere la vincitrice di Fräulein3°8!
Fräulein3°8 ha aperto una piattaforma a competere con loro belle figure per loro Stati / loro calcio squadra! Anche quelli i cui paesi non hanno partecipato alla coppa mondiale possono aderire i propri Stati!
Può convertire il Suo entusiasmo per gli Stati che Lei sopporta ai colori e metterli sulla faccia, sulle unghie e anzi sul corpo! Si possono essere i colori delle bandiere nazionali, i temi colori della coppa mondiale o qualsiasi colori nella Sua immaginazione.
Data di attività: :26 giugno a 31 luglio
Premio per la vincitrice:
La vincitrice avrà la sua bandiera nazionale mostrata sul homepage del nostro sito con la sua bella faccia o figura di unghie. Anche sarà apprezzata con 100 EURO tagliando lasciata da Fräulein3°8!
Il secondo posto (2 persone): 60 EURO tagliando
Il terzo posto (3 persone): 130 colori ombretto palette o un pacco di unghie arte regalo.
Tutti partecipanti saranno offerti un regalo tagliando a cambiare un regalo secreto da Fräulein3°8!
Fare il mondo sapere il tuo amore per il calcio, la squadra e il paese!
Può visitare per informazione ulteriore.

Sunday, 11 July 2010


If you missed our promotional emails, you may not know that we are offering registered shipping service WITH NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! This promotion has been extended from 15 June to 31 July. To get this offer, simply enter 'WB201005REG' in the remark box at checkout page! Don't forget to tell your friend about, coz it's ending SOON!

Friday, 25 June 2010

Fräulein3°8's First Demo Video!

We are really excited that we finally put our make up and nail art demonstration video online! From now on, you will see more faces and nails of our models. We will invite our in-house artists to show you how to use our make up products in different ways, so that girls can find one that suits them the best. We will also open a platform for girls to request videos from us if they want to know how to do certain make up or nail designs. Just stay tuned, and you will get more from us!

Let's Colour The FIFA!

Fräulein3°8 is opening a platform for you to compete with their own beauties for their countries / their football team! Even those whose countries are not in the World up may join to fight for their nation!

You can convert your enthusiasm for the country you support into colours and bring them to your face, your nails and even your body! They can be the colours of the national flag, the theme colour of the world cup, or any matching colours at your imagination!

Date of Activity: From 26th June to 31st July
Prize for the Goal Girl:Winner will have their own country’s national flag shown on the homepage of our website with her beautiful face / nails. She will also be rewarded with 100 EUR COUPON from Fräulein3°8!
First Runner-up(2 Sets):60 EUR coupon
Second Runner-up(3 Sets):130-colour Eyeshadow palettes OR combine nail art gift package
All Participants will be given a free-gift coupon to exchange a secret gift from Fräulein3°8!
Check out more details HERE:
1. You can make use of the nation flag's colours,or theme colours of the world cup to design your own make up or nail art. You make also use other colours to design at your imagination, but you need to put an additional note to let us know your idea and how it relates to the world cup.
2. We do not allow direct copy from any designs, national flags. Candidates are required to use the COLOURS to create their own make up / nails and express their own ideas.
3. We accept both videos and pictures. You may either take videos to record the whole make up process or simply take a picture of your work when finished. Either of them will be evaluated at the same weight. You won't be scored lower just because it is a picture, as long as it can clearly show your design.
4. To join our competition, you may simply email us your work with your personal details. If your work cannot be sent via email because of the large size, you may publish it on your own blog, facebook or any public forums, but they must be well remarked to let us know it is your work and is for this contest. Then send the link to us via
5. Both our in-house artists and fans on facebook will be the judges.
6. Your work will be evaluated based on:1. Beauty;2. Creativity;3. Techniques

Just Tell the World how much you love football, love your team, love your country!

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Make Up & Nail Art Design Contest Winners Announced!

First of All, we need to apologize to all the nominees who have actively participated our activity. Due to the complex judging process, we have spent time much longer than expected to choose the best amongst all.

However, participants can be assured that your efforts will not be wasted! We value all the things you did for us! Thank you so much!

It was tough to choose the best, but we made our choice.

Congratualations to the winners! We'd like to announce the following 3 video makers will be rewarded with our newest 168-color Summer Rainbow Eyeshadow Palette, that worths more than 30EUR.

For the above winners, please contact us via email with your email registered at to claim your prize. Don't forget to leave your delivery address and phone number in the email. :)

Don't feel daunted if you missed this competition. There are still more coming!

Stay tuned!!!!

Friday, 28 May 2010

Fräulein3°8's Travel-Around (2nd Shot: HongKong)

We are very excited to tread on one of the busiest city in Asia at our second stop - Hong Kong. The first impression it gave us is that people there walk really fast (even for a student!) , and this street is busy day and night. That made us a bit nervous, but this is also what makes HongKong so appealing to us.

As a diversified city where east meets west, Hong Kong embraces different cultures and ethnicities. Not only that we could find multiple imported beauty products of brands coming from all over the world, but also girls with different unique styles there. How do they look? What they think about make up and nail art? Here, we are going to show you where we went, what we found and who we saw. Let's go discovering Hong Kong together!

Go Shopping!

We have visited a view districts in HongKong, including Tsim Sha Tsui and Mongkok, where most of the chain drugstores are situated. Bonjour and Sasa are the largest amongst them that can be easily found on the street. You can find makeup, perfume and skin care of all well-known brands in their stores. The price overall is quite cheap, because they are all parallel imports.

There are also many mega shopping malls in Hong Kong, as we know, it is also renowed as a shopping paradise. Big malls like Harbour City in Tsim Sha Tsui and IFC Mall located in the tallest building of Hong Kong, have all the luxury brands' stores.

However, it is quite interesting to find that nail art shops cannot be easily found in Hong Kong. Unlike Japan where nail art shops are found in every mall, nail art shops can only be found in smaller shopping centre or private buildings in Hong Kong. That means doing nail art is not yet very common in Hong Kong.

Their Nails

Hong Kong girls are very shy. We tried a few times to invite girls on the street to let us take photos of them and their nails, but they only let us take photos of their nails not their faces. Perhaps that's because most of them do not wear make up (though they do have pretty faces).

As we can tell from the way they dress, they are rather conservative with nail art. We interviewed some girls, and most of them like simple styles with natural colours. Only some would love to make 3D white or pink flowers integrated in the UV Gel nails, or cute painting on the nails. However, it's hard to find nails with exaggerating designs and 3Ds like those in Japan.

In Hong Kong, night life is one of its features you shouldn't miss! Lan Kwai Fong in Central is the hot spot clustered with bars and clubs. We suppose this is the only place where girls are willing to take photos with strangers in Hong Kong . :P

Girls at clubbing feel so different from those at daytime. It's like as if they put off their mask (or maybe put on another mask) and completely enjoy the music and fine wine. And we can finally see the 'open' side of Hong Kong.

From our interviews with the girls, we got to know Korean style make-up is the hittest trend these days in Hong Kong. They would not go too much with their make up. Most of them would just wear light make up, because natural skin tone was the key. However, they do put strong emphasis on their eye make up with strong eyeliner and mascara. Besides, they also made use of false eyelashes, and even double false eyelashes at the end of the eyes to create cat-eye style.

Do you enjoy our sharing? But that's not the end of our trip. Where are we going next?

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Volumizing & Extending your nails with Acrylic & Half False Nail

If you find your nail too weak and thin, you may consider thickening your nail with a healthy look. We are goint to demonstrate how to volumize your nail with acrylic and half false nail in french style. This is the simplest way for beginner, because half false nail already has a beautiful round shape that fit your nail tip, that you can easily extend your natural nail with white tip.

What you need to prepare:
1. white half false nail tips
2. Clear Acrylic powder and acrylic liquid
3. Top coat UV Gel
4. Nail File

Now, let's get started!

1. Choose the right nail tips. To find the right nail tip, you need to try the nail as shown in the picture. When you hold the false nail tip on your own nail, the width of the false nail should not exceed the width of your natural nail. Otherwise, it's too big for you. You need to find one that exactly matches the width of your nail. If you cannot find one, then you will need to trim the oversized nail tip to fit yours.

2. Just like this one. When you press the nail tip, the tip can perfectly cover the real nail without going out. Then you can use nail glue to stick the false nail tip to your natural nail. Make sure there's no space between the false nail and the real nail. Then hold for 20-30 seconds. Please be reminded not to use too much nail glue. That would lead to a mess on your nail.

3. Cut your nail with nail scissors to the length you want, but leave a little length for filing for finishing. The false tip's surface is still too smooth. In order to avoid the acrylic from splitting, the whole nail needs to be filed agan.

4. Dip the nail brush tip into the acrylic liquid. Then dip a little clear acrylic powder to create a small acrylic ball at the brush tip. Pave the acrylic mixture over the whole false nail tip part. The nail tip will be volumized instantly as shown in the picture.

5. Repeat step 4 and pave the acrylic mixture over the lower part of the nail. You will start to see the shine and volume it gives to your nail.

6. Repeat the same step to finish the whole nail. Let the acrylic dry for 20-30 seconds

7. After it dries, you need to trim and file the nail again, because the curve of the surface is not natural.

8. After filing, the nail would have a beautiful curve. The nail tip also looks smooth as shown in the picture

9. finally, apply a thin layer of top coat gel on the nail. Heat under UV Lamp for 1 minute. Then you will have a hand with pretty nails like the ones below:

Isn't it nice? Doing DIY is nothing difficult at all. Try it once, and we are sure you'll be addicted! :)