Friday, 31 December 2010

2010 Review of Fräulein3°8

2010 was an inspiring year for Fräulein3°8. The number of both members of our website and fans on facebook page have both increased in a healthy percentage. Thanks to the support of our loyal fans, we gathered many constructive comments and ideas from them, and that really helped us grow!

We also put a lot of effort to provide better products and service to our members, with more than 50 new products introduced to both nail art and make up lines over the whole year! We are happy that our members appreciated our effort put on product development, and we look forward to more coming in 2011!

Most Authentic Classic Products Over the Year:

Most Popular New Products Over the Year:

2010 flew by in an instant. We reviewed ourselves and deeply understood there's still much yet to be achieved, and our members are expecting us to improve further. Therefore, we will not stop here. We will move on and keep offering the best for you, our dearest fans. Thank you for your support.