Saturday, 30 January 2010

A Kind Reminder and A New Platform for checking order status for our dearest members

To our dearest members,

Following our message to our members in Italy, we would like to express our concerne about the use of our Facebook page.

We are very thankful that Facebook has provided a new platform for us to have a direct interaction with our members, and even so when our members cannot reach us via email. We understand that our members are very concerned if the orders can arrive before Christmas, especially during this peak season when the delivery takes longer than usual. However, we are concerned that members start to leave their private information on Facebook. Please DO NOT leave any information personal on Facebook including order number, because others may abuse it and try to obtain your private information from us.

In order to protect your privacy, members should be reminded NOT to leave anything private on Facebook. If we find any posts suspicious of containing personal information, we will delete the posts directly without prior notice.

Besides, we highly recommend that members contact us by email and allow 24 hours for our CS to reply before posting on our Facebook. We have also created a new platform for our member to inquire about the order status, so members do not have to worry about their posts being covered by other members' posts on Wall. Our CS will check our discussion board every day to make sure all members who cannot receive emails from us are also taken care of.

Our dear members, please share this with us and do not feel offended if you already have your post deleted. We always care about you and your rights.

Thank you for your time reading our message and for your continuous support!

Best Regards,

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