Friday, 25 June 2010

Let's Colour The FIFA!

Fräulein3°8 is opening a platform for you to compete with their own beauties for their countries / their football team! Even those whose countries are not in the World up may join to fight for their nation!

You can convert your enthusiasm for the country you support into colours and bring them to your face, your nails and even your body! They can be the colours of the national flag, the theme colour of the world cup, or any matching colours at your imagination!

Date of Activity: From 26th June to 31st July
Prize for the Goal Girl:Winner will have their own country’s national flag shown on the homepage of our website with her beautiful face / nails. She will also be rewarded with 100 EUR COUPON from Fräulein3°8!
First Runner-up(2 Sets):60 EUR coupon
Second Runner-up(3 Sets):130-colour Eyeshadow palettes OR combine nail art gift package
All Participants will be given a free-gift coupon to exchange a secret gift from Fräulein3°8!
Check out more details HERE:
1. You can make use of the nation flag's colours,or theme colours of the world cup to design your own make up or nail art. You make also use other colours to design at your imagination, but you need to put an additional note to let us know your idea and how it relates to the world cup.
2. We do not allow direct copy from any designs, national flags. Candidates are required to use the COLOURS to create their own make up / nails and express their own ideas.
3. We accept both videos and pictures. You may either take videos to record the whole make up process or simply take a picture of your work when finished. Either of them will be evaluated at the same weight. You won't be scored lower just because it is a picture, as long as it can clearly show your design.
4. To join our competition, you may simply email us your work with your personal details. If your work cannot be sent via email because of the large size, you may publish it on your own blog, facebook or any public forums, but they must be well remarked to let us know it is your work and is for this contest. Then send the link to us via
5. Both our in-house artists and fans on facebook will be the judges.
6. Your work will be evaluated based on:1. Beauty;2. Creativity;3. Techniques

Just Tell the World how much you love football, love your team, love your country!

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