Sunday, 17 October 2010

Be a pretty Ghost on Halloween!

Do you want to be a creepy or pretty ghost? You can do it in both ways with just a few simple steps!

Do you hair: What can be easier to obtain a wig from costume shop? However, do remember to buy a black one. That can make your pale face stand out.

Whiten your face: unfortunately, we do not offer any base make up that is white enough for halloween. However, you can still get it from costume shop.
However, if you want to be pretty, you may choose the foundation in the lightest tone. Then apply white face powder at the end to hold the make up.

Make bruises on your face: Make use of black, grey or dark brown eyeshadow to create bruises around your face. To make them look natural and real,
use fingertips instead of make up brush to tap the colour on your face.

Then comes to the key of the whole make up: the eyes. First, you should outline sharp and black eyebrows. Then use black pencil eyeliner to draw thick and stiff upper and under eyeline.
Afterwards, dark eyeshadows should be applied around the eyeliners and blend well to obtain a beautiful smokey eyes. Then wear a pair of creepy contact lens. Any creepy colours like bloody red, white or wholly black will do.

Finally, don't forget to use false nails! Better choose long and sharp false nails. You may apply nail colour that matches your make up style, i.e. either red or black.

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  1. Wow! so creepy! I love your halloween makeup.Very nice. Thanks for sharing ideas.

    ~ Cristine
    Halloween makeup ideas