Sunday, 16 May 2010

Volumizing & Extending your nails with Acrylic & Half False Nail

If you find your nail too weak and thin, you may consider thickening your nail with a healthy look. We are goint to demonstrate how to volumize your nail with acrylic and half false nail in french style. This is the simplest way for beginner, because half false nail already has a beautiful round shape that fit your nail tip, that you can easily extend your natural nail with white tip.

What you need to prepare:
1. white half false nail tips
2. Clear Acrylic powder and acrylic liquid
3. Top coat UV Gel
4. Nail File

Now, let's get started!

1. Choose the right nail tips. To find the right nail tip, you need to try the nail as shown in the picture. When you hold the false nail tip on your own nail, the width of the false nail should not exceed the width of your natural nail. Otherwise, it's too big for you. You need to find one that exactly matches the width of your nail. If you cannot find one, then you will need to trim the oversized nail tip to fit yours.

2. Just like this one. When you press the nail tip, the tip can perfectly cover the real nail without going out. Then you can use nail glue to stick the false nail tip to your natural nail. Make sure there's no space between the false nail and the real nail. Then hold for 20-30 seconds. Please be reminded not to use too much nail glue. That would lead to a mess on your nail.

3. Cut your nail with nail scissors to the length you want, but leave a little length for filing for finishing. The false tip's surface is still too smooth. In order to avoid the acrylic from splitting, the whole nail needs to be filed agan.

4. Dip the nail brush tip into the acrylic liquid. Then dip a little clear acrylic powder to create a small acrylic ball at the brush tip. Pave the acrylic mixture over the whole false nail tip part. The nail tip will be volumized instantly as shown in the picture.

5. Repeat step 4 and pave the acrylic mixture over the lower part of the nail. You will start to see the shine and volume it gives to your nail.

6. Repeat the same step to finish the whole nail. Let the acrylic dry for 20-30 seconds

7. After it dries, you need to trim and file the nail again, because the curve of the surface is not natural.

8. After filing, the nail would have a beautiful curve. The nail tip also looks smooth as shown in the picture

9. finally, apply a thin layer of top coat gel on the nail. Heat under UV Lamp for 1 minute. Then you will have a hand with pretty nails like the ones below:

Isn't it nice? Doing DIY is nothing difficult at all. Try it once, and we are sure you'll be addicted! :)

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