Monday, 31 December 2012

Swatch of 6 Colors Super Shine like Mirror Lip Glass for Holidays from Fräulein3°8

You will never know until you really try. Fräulein3°8's Mirror Shine Lip Glass has been praised by most of her members for its moisturizing, shiny and long lasting nature and a new feature -- LED light with mirror on the container. However, it is not a fair comment if we do not show YOU now!

Fräulein3°8's Mirror Shine Lip Glass Series include 6 colors, i.e. Violet, Sunflower (Orange), Bloody Red, Carnation (Carol) , Rose Red and Lotus (Peach). They are rich in mineral oil that provides moisturizing effect to the lips, while the very fine pearl powder and silica help to fill the fine lines on your lips and give ultra shine like mirror! It can last up to 6 hours!

All six colors are mint-scented, that gives a fresh feeling. Each lipglass has
  a doe-foot applicator. Compared to our Juicy series, Mirror Shine is a lighter-weight, less sticky formula. They tend to wear longer as compared to Juicy series in order to keep the pigment on the lips. Also, each lip glass comes with a LED light in the cap while there is a mirror on the side, so that girls can use the lip glass even in a very dark environment. The mirror is covered by a thin layer of plastic folie to protect itself against scratches unless you tear it off.

 As you can see, the model's lips originally look dull and dry with little fine lines. However, her lips look full, smooth and shiny after applying the lip glass. More importantly, the colors look exactly the same after applying! The pigment is as outstanding as seen in the container!
From top left to bottom right:
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