Monday, 3 December 2012

Swatch of 5 Must-Have Lip Colors from Fräulein3°8

When stepping into winter fall, rouge lipsticks will become the favourite makeup items for girls. Rouge and brown colors are no wonder the classic of all. This time we made a swatch for 5 colors of Fräulein3°8 Lipsticks and demonstrate its effect after use.

From lipstick No. 1 to No. 5, they are:

1. CM207-FR (DEEP PINK):
5. CM211-FR (RIPE ROSE):

Color effect of each Fräulein3°8's lipstick on bare skin.

This pictures show the model's lips without wearing any lip color and after applying each of the lipsticks.

The model's lips are originally in pale pink and a bit dry. Since Fräulein3°8's lipsticks are rich in vitamin E, it helps moisturize and reduce fine lines on the lips. As we can see, the lips look more  moisturized after using the lipstick. Except the bare brown color that tends to give a more natural and healthy lip color, the other five show obvious pigments that look the same as the lipstick itself. The shimmer effect of the lower three colors also give more texture that make the lips look fuller.

No wonder they are the classic color choice in winter! Which one is your favourite?

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  1. Really nice! They remind me of MUA lipcticks!