Saturday, 15 May 2010

Just a few simple steps to add natural shine to your nails

Who don't want to add extra shine to their nails? After working / doing housework for a whole day, you would find your nails lose its shine. Even if you apply nail polish, it cannot last very long. So,what are we gonna do?

If you are working in office, and feel embarassed to wear colour nail polish, there's a simple solution for you to give natural, attractive shine to your nails. Here are what you need to prepare beforehand:
Now, let us borrow a hand to do a demonstration:

1. Trim and file your nail

2. Apply a thin layer of base Gel and heat under UV Lamp for 1 minute

3. This time we apply clear UV Gel

4. Heat under UV Lamp again for 1 minute

5. Can you see the shine on your nail after applying a layer of UV Gel? but not finished yet! Please keep reading

6. As you can see from the picture, you can still make a fingerprint on the nail. That means the gel is not completely dried after heating. To finish the nail, you need to use UV Gel Cleanser to remove the top layer.

7. Finally! Wow~ Can you see the difference of the nails before and after apply UV Gel? You can do it yourself as well!

Items used:

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