Saturday, 17 April 2010

Iceland Volcano ash causes fresh air travel chaos

A volcanic eruption started under Eyjafjallajokull glacier in the southern part of Iceland on 14th April. Most airlines have announced the closure of airspace in north Europe (see the green crosses in the map below) since yesterday morning, which is where the ashes have been blown, because the ashes are affecting the transportation of mail by air.

This is impacting most of our international orders to which travels by air at night and international mail entering, via or exiting Germany/United Kingdom airports. Our shipping partners have implemented plans to despatch mail to most European destinations by road. As a result of this, members should be aware of potential delays in the delivery of mail.

Members can check the Royal Mail/DHL website for further updates:

At this stage, we are sorry to admit that there is not much to do except suggesting you using registered mail to allow yourself to keep tracing the location of the orders. :( However, we will keep open communication with our members and keep everyone posted, when more information becomes available.

If you are concerned about your orders' status, please feel free to cntact us by email:

or leave your message in our discussion board:

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