Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Introduction to Nail Art Brush (I)

We have received some emails from members asking about the difference and use of each nail art brush. In fact, nail art brush is similar to the brushes for painting, but they are used for drawing on the nails. Since our nails are smaller and round in shape, nail art brushes are usually smaller and have different shapes designed for drawing different graphics in different areas. Nail art brush not only can be used for drawing with nail paint, but also for making 3D nail art, acrylic and gel nails. In other words, nail art brush is an indispensable tool for nail art lovers.

We are going to use “12x Nail Art Design Pen Painting Brush Dotting Tool Set” as an example to briefly explain how to identify the use of each brush for painting.

From left to right:

§ Fan: Brings thin line together or for sputtering, seldom used in nail art.
§ Square: For basic technique of painting regular shapes and refine task
§ Angular: It can draw beautiful sector shape, best for drawing rose petal and bud

§ angular fine: Same as angular, but mainly used to draw smaller patterns
§ 3D Design Oval: It is thicker and has more hair, easy for suppression & drawing of mixture. Usually used for making acrylic 3Ds, but can also be used to draw smile line when painting
§ Flat: Use for drawing thick line or thick swirls

§ extra fine angular: Same as angular, but mainly used to draw extra small patterns
§ fine liner: used to draw short and fine straight line
§ extra short round: can be used to draw small-sized patterns in various design

§ Standard round: easy to handle. Can be used to draw any designs, no matter straight, twisted or swirl lines.

§ Spot Swirl: Only the tip is used for drawing polka dots in different sizes.

§ extra long fine liner: It’s long enough to draw an extra long fine liner at one time without interruption, easy for making marble pattern, heart mark, etc

So much for paint your nails with nail art brush. Next time we will use another brush set to teach you how to draw 3Ds, so please come again!

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