Monday, 22 February 2010

Do your own Make Up: Colorful Spring

When talking about Spring, people think of fresh and colorful flowers. Here we are going to show you how to make your eyes blossom like flowers.

The eye make up consist 3 colors. Since this is a daytime make-up, we use pink, green and yellow, which are soft and effortlessly harmonize. You may change the color combination, like blue, red and orange for night make-up or any colors you want to try. The focus of this make up is on the eyes, so nude or soft pink colors should be used for the lips and cheeks in order not to override. Remember, never blindly follow any make-up demonstration, you should choose the colors that match your skin tone perfectly.

Step by Step How-tos:

Products used:

1. Apply pearl white cream eye shadow to the eyes as base shade. The process of the powder adhering to the cream will create a smudge resistant base for your eye shadow. It will last forever.

2. Apply a medium shade of mint green on the lower lid. Blend into your base shade.
3. Apply another medium shade of yellow on the upper lid, along the lash line and at the outer corner of the eye.

4. Draw a fine upper eye liner with black gel liner.
5. Then draw a fine lower eye liner with pink cream eye shadow.

6. Apply a little orange at the inner corner of your eyes to make them luminous. You may then finish the eye make-up with black mascara.
7. Sweep soft pink blush downward from the ear to mid-cheek

8. Finally, apply lip-gloss in nude or pale pink color.

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