Saturday, 13 August 2011

Make Up for the Sunset: Love Memory that Lasts this Summer

What's more beautiful than the sunset during the summer time? The shiny golden of sunlight shines on your face and the flare with the rosy colour of your skin just make everything suddenly become so beautiful, so fascinating. One can't stop looking at this beautiful girl. Who's she?

If you know how to make use of make up to match with the light, you can be that girl, too! So, we are going to demonstrate the make up for Sunset, which is so perfect for this summer fall!

First step: Get your face ready
By 'ready', we mean the foundation, primer, brzoner and concealer. The key point of this make up is to make the focus on the very centre of your face.

Second step: Eye Make up

A pearl golden cream eyeshadow is first applied on the overall eyelid up to the eyebrow. (SILKY SMOOTH ILLUMINATING PRIMER is recommended to be applied beforehand to stabilize the colour on the eye lids.)

This time we use our "88 COLOURS SUN KISS GOLDEN EYESHADOW PALETTE" . Actually, any colour on this palette fits for this make up, as they all contain golden shimmering powder for sunlight reflection.

Use a medium eyeshadow brush to apply dark golden brown colour on the outer half of the eyelid and blend it in the crease.

Then apply light gold colour from the eye corner to the middle.

Dark brown cream eyeliner is then used to draw exotic cat eye liner. The eye liner is drawn from the eye corner alone the eyeline and wing it out at the outer eyeliner subtly.

Finally, LOVELY SHY HALF FALSE EYELASHES-BLACK is applied to strengthen the shape of the eyes and the whole eyemake up is finished!

Final Step: Blush and Lips

For a natural shiny blush, a light pink brush with pearl powder is recommended.

With the mysterious eye make up colour, it'd be better use peach pink lip colour to keep a balance, so the whole make up won't lose its sense of innocence.

Tips for this make up:

If you have brown eyes and dark hair colour, you should use light purple or pink eyeshadow colour instead of brown eyeshadows. Otherwise, you may use light pink lipgloss colour to make your face stand out. Remember, choose either way, but not both way at the same time! ;)

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