Wednesday, 10 March 2010

White Valentine’s Day

14th March is know as the White Valentine’s Day, but is not popular in Europe, because it is common in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan only. In these countries, females give their home-made chocolate to the males on the Valentine’s Day to express their special love for them. On the contrary, males give gifts to the girls on the White Valentine’s Day in return to “answer” the girl’s affection.

The Valentine’s Day has already gone, and we also presented our love towards our members by making special offers. We are now looking forward to the White Valentine’s Day, and hope we may have something in return.
We have opened a topic in discussion board on Facebook. No matter a video or a story, we would like our members to share your Valentine’s Day with us. We are happy to see your pictures too, if you may post them on our Blog or Facebook :)

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